Established in 2005, the Working Waterfront Coalition (WWC) is an organization of businesses concerned about the environmental health and economic vitality of the Portland harbor. The WWC advocates for sound public policy that promotes environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Portland's Harbor is a vital employment area; home to thousands of valuable high-wage, high-benefit jobs. The WWC, with its extensive knowledge of harbor industry needs, active industry participation and record of effective advocacy, is dedicated to working with its partners to ensure an appropriate balance between environmental concerns and the needs of river related employers. The coalition’s activities include:

  • Advocating with local, state and federal officials and agencies on behalf of marine-dependent and river-related businesses.
  • Working to broaden community understanding of: the importance of the Portland Harbor as one of the most impactful employment areas in the region, and the harbor industries' dependence on a limited land supply suitable for business needs.
  • Providing up-to-date information and advice to coalition members regarding developments in the public policy and regulatory arena.

WWC members are conscientious stewards of the environment. They make significant investments in the harbor, consistent with state and federal laws and regulations, to reduce the impacts of human activity in the harbor. After completing many diligent studies and commissioning numerous reports, the WWC has concluded that increased job development and environmental enhancement efforts in the harbor will be impeded by unnecessarily burdensome and duplicative regulation and government-imposed costs.