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The Portland Harbor is an economic engine that has existed as a source of jobs and vitality for the Portland metropolitan area and the state for more than a century. With employment in the harbor projected to grow, the Portland Harbor remains an economic driver for the region. Businesses locate in the harbor because of the connections to two major highways, two major railroads and a river transportation system. The utilization of all of these modes of transportation allows harbor businesses to reduce their costs and employ thousands of Portland area residents with family-wage jobs.

What does the Harbor provide in terms of a job base and economic impact?
  • 1 out of every 7.4 jobs in the City of Portland is located in or supported by the work done in the Portland Harbor Industrial District.
  • Portland Harbor has a historic average annual growth rate of three percent and a forecasted growth rate of three percent.
  • Industrial marine businesses with direct access to the harbor support approximately 52,784 direct, induced, and indirect local family-wage jobs (24,000 direct jobs) bringing almost $3.5 billion in personal income and $7.6 billion in business revenue to the region's economy annually.
  • The income wage range for harbor jobs is $65,000 to $80,000 - higher than Portland's average household income of $48,700.

  • These jobs produce an annual tax benefit of $351 million.
  • The diversity of jobs allows for various levels of skills and/or education levels, providing job opportunities for many people.
    Sources: Martin Associates, The Local and Regional Economic Impacts of Portland Working Harbor, July 2012; ECONorthwest, The Port of Portland's Marine Operations, August 2013.

What’s the volume of trade in the Portland Harbor?

Approximately 1,000 vessel calls and 25.5 million tons of goods move through the Portland Harbor and Columbia River annually.


  • Autos
  • Steel slab
  • Petroleum products


  • Grain (Oregon feeds the world!)
  • Soda ash (used in glass production)
  • Potash (fertilizer necessary for worldwide food production)
  • Scrap metal

Portland Harbor's 60-acre shipyard constructs and repairs ships on Swan Island, including cruise ships, military supply vessels, and merchant cargo ships. Shipyard owner Vigor Industrial has the largest dry dock in the United States and is the leading provider of shipbuilding, ship repair and other industrial services in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.



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