The Working Waterfront Coalition monitors transportation, environmental, energy and workforce public policy initiatives that affect harbor businesses.

City of Portland River Plan
Currently, the City of Portland River Plan is the primary area of focus for the Working Waterfront Coalitions' policy efforts. More about the City of Portland River Plan >>

Maintenance Dredging of the Lower Willamette River
The US Corps of Engineers Corps is proposing to dredge a portion of the Lower Willamette River federal navigation channel (LWR FNC) at Post Office Bar in 2010. Although the LWR FNC extends 11.6 miles from the mouth of the Willamette River to the Broadway Bridge, the proposed dredging includes only one area of severe shoaling located on the east bank of the LWR at mile 2.1-2.4. The shoaling has created an impediment to commercial river traffic, creating a passage too shallow in the out-bound lane for 2-way shipping traffic at that bend in the river.

The Corps has applied to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for a Section 401 certification, stating that the discharges associated with the project will comply with the Federal Clean Water Act. The DEQ has requested public comments about water quality impacts which may result from this proposed project. Comments are due on September 3, 2010. Draft Environmental Assessment >>

The Portland Audubon objects to project, submitted January 4, 2011.

The WWC sees no adverse effects to water quality from this project. In fact, the project may improve turbidity with a deeper channel because vessel propellers will be further from the bottom after dredging, reducing the scouring effect as vessels pass through the channel. This project will also improve navigation safety and efficiency in the LWR. The WWC supports this dredging project.






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